Africa Capacity

seeks to help Africans develop their talents into strengths that change Africa


About Africa Capacity

Potential. Regarded as the latent qualities that may be developed and lead to future usefulness, it’s usually described as possibilities, raw talent or promise. Every individual in our world, regardless of economic status, is born with it. But as experts point out, most of us are not aware of our potential. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness seems most prevalent among the poor in Africa. At Africa Capacity we’re intrigued with the potential of economically disadvantaged Africans and strive to leverage this by building capacity. We believe that training that integrates vocational skills, life skills and mental health can help the poor develop their potential and attain self-actualization as intended by God.

Vocational Training

In an era of high unemployment, vocational training equips trainees with the tools needed for self-employment. In this way, vocational training is a catalyst for income generation, poverty reduction, and small business development. Indirectly, it also lowers stress, restores dignity, and reduces crime among at-risk youth and formerly incarcerated persons.


Life Skills

However, at a time when people are hired for IQ but fired for EQ, it’s clear that talent alone is not enough. Consequently, we offer an accredited life skills training program that integrates personal development with relational and leadership formation. Some of the 15 topics covered include healthy thinking, personal responsibility, managing emotions, and building teams. It also includes African Studies, globalization and spiritual intelligence.

Mental Healthcare

Many low-income communities across Africa are lacking in mental healthcare. The situation is further complicated by high unemployment and other factors that result in widespread mental disorders. To mitigate this, we partner with various professionals to equip informal care providers with proven tools for caring for their communities.


Our Programs

All our programs are offered free of charge and without discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, race, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. Additionally, we consistently try to provide training in local languages by using local experts, translators, examples, concepts, and illustrations. Thank you for joining us on the journey of maximizing potential.

Our Partners


Henry and Mampho combine quiet humility and wisdom with a fierce passion for seeing God's kingdom advance through changed lives. Their prophetic, prayerful service pulls people from the peripheries of life, towards a new centre in Jesus

africa - dr ben

Dr Ben Gaunt
Zithulele Mission Hospital

YWAM East London is honored to partner with Africa Capacity in fulfilling the Great Commission within the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. By addressing the spiritual, physical and social needs of our broken communities, they are restoring hope and dignity among the youth and the marginalized


Khaya & Grace Sam
YWAM East London